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  1. What is RTB?

    RTB (real-time bidding) is a modern method of buying online ad space in the auction model. The method is based on specialist data-exchange platforms, which aggregate the offers from publishers and advertisers, to conduct dynamic auctions of online advertising space in real time. The RTB model adopted by Adfocus uses automated optimisation algorithms to fit a customer’s profile to an advertiser’s offer and select the potentially most relevant ad displays. Since the algorithms are geared towards optimising spending, the system automatically minimises display costs.

  2. How does RTB work?

    RTB eco-system provides space for both publishers and advertisers. Publishers are grouped on SSP (supply side platform) which is also used as a system managing ad space. On the other hand, DSP (demand side platform), i.e. the auction model, is used to buy ad space in real time from publishers from the SSP.

  3. What are the profits of the RTB model?

    It enables to buy ad space in real time from various websites, including the largest horizontal portals and FB. RTB retargeting allows you to reach the right users, at the right time, with personalized ads.

  4. Who can use the RTB model?

    Each advertiser, who owns a website that is visited by potential customers, can take advantage of the RTB and its many options. Owing to Adfocus’ technical potential, the RTB model is particularly recommended for online stores and other e-commerce websites (e.g. comparison shopping websites).

  5. How does RTB fit into my marketing plan?

    Remarketing campaigns bought in the RTB models can help you reach those users who have earlier visited your site and persuade them to complete a purchase/leave personal data.

  6. What is remarketing?

    The main concept of remarketing is to serve relevant ads to those users who have earlier visited your website.

  7. What are cookies?

    These are little text files sent by a website and saved on your computer’s hard disc. While cookies contain various kinds of data and serve many functions, they can only be read by the server that sent them. Cookies are used to store an individual user’s data and history of their visits. You can manage cookies from a browser level.

  8. What is opt-out?

    Opt-out cookies are special cookies that block particular servers or websites from displaying ads on the browser they were installed.

  9. What requirements should my website meet?

    There are no special requirements for your website to meet. All you have to do is to tag your site with a special retargeting script, i.e. provide access to its source code.

  10. What is the Adfocus script

    It is a special tag (code) that is embedded on an advertiser’s website. It is used to segment users who visited the site and serve relevant ads to them at the right time, to drive conversion and uplift sales volume (in case of e-commerce).

  11. What is the Adfocus pixel?

    It is just another phrase for the Adfocus script.

  12. Where should the script be attached?

    It should be placed in a website’s source code, in the section, just before its end.

  13. What are dynamic ads?

    Dynamic ads (IntelliAds) are relevant ads, personalised to each individual user. The personalisation process and ad display happens in real time. Ad content depends on the accepted strategy and the user’s history on the website.

  14. How much does one click cost?

    Since Adfocus focuses on driving advertisers more customers, rather than on generating more clicks, the price per click is only a means of achieving set objectives and not a goal in itself.

  15. What is the minimum duration of a campaign?

    There is no minimum time set for a campaign to last.

  16. How does Adfocus protect the privacy of its users?

    Adfocus platform does not collect its users’ personal data.

  17. How does Adfocus optimise FB campaigns?

    Adfocus team analyses campaign metrics in real time and optimises performance to meet the goals set by the customer before the campaign was initiated.

  18. How do I get started with my campaign

    Each campaign is prepared and started by an Adfocus team member, once the goals have been agreed on with the customer, the scripts have been added and verified on the user’s site and the ads/ad templates have been created and accepted.

  19. How can I add an ad to my campaign?

    All ads are added by Adfocus team members.

  20. What is the minimum budget for a campaign?

    The budget depends on the objectives set by advertisers. We are happy to produce a pricing plan for your campaign.

  21. What pricing models are offered in Adfocus?

    Adfocus offers a wide range of pricing models. For details, go to Performance-based pricing models.

  22. What recommendation strategies are on offer?

    Adfocus offers no fewer than 9 recommendation strategies. For details, go to Product recommendation strategies.

  23. What users does Adfocus serve ads to?

    Adfocus serves ads to those users who have visited the customer’s site earlier.

  24. On what sites are my ads going to be displayed?

    Ads displayed by Adfocus platform have a reach of 95%. The ads served by Adfocus “follow” the user and can be displayed both on large horizontal portals and small, niche sites.

  25. Are ads displayed to users who have completed conversion/made a purchase?

    It depends on the strategy adopted for a particular campaign.

  26. Is geo-targeting possible?

    Yes, it is.

  27. Are my data safe?

    Adfocus platform does not collect its users’ personal data.

  28. Can I change the template for my ads?

    Yes, you can. It does involve an extra charge, though. Ask for details.

  29. Can I pause my campaign?

    Adfocus team members are responsible for pausing and resuming campaigns. However, we want to be flexible and if there are no business reasons to do otherwise, campaigns can be paused if our customers wish to do so.

  30. Can I pause my ad?

    Adfocus team members are responsible for pausing and resuming ads. However, we want to be flexible and if there are no business reasons to do otherwise, ads can be paused if our customers wish to do so.

  31. Can I delete my campaign?

    Adfocus team members are responsible for deleting campaigns.

  32. Can I delete my ad?

    Adfocus team members are responsible for deleting ads.

  33. Can I have more than one creative line?

    Yes, the advertiser can suggest more than one creative line to be used. However, the final decision is made by the Adfocus team member who runs the campaign.

  34. Are the data of my customers safe?

    Adfocus platform does not collect its users’ personal data. The data collected and processed by our algorithms are anonymous. Consequently, no personal user data can be tracked or identified.

  35. Does Adfocus make it possible to display ads in pre-defined time intervals?

    Yes, you can serve ads only at a specific time of the day (e.g. a shop opening hours).

  36. What does exactly “in real time” mean?

    The whole process of analysing a user’s personal data, bid requests and displaying the ad that offered the highest price, does not take more than several milliseconds, i.e. less than a blink of an eye.

  37. Can I disable IP addresses?

    Yes, Adfocus platform enables you to block IP addresses.

  38. Are you looking for new employees?

    We are always on the look-out for new, talented employees. For details, go to Career.

  39. What is Adfocus?

    Adfocus is an RTB platform, using British technology that enables to serve personalised ads to those users who have earlier visited an advertiser’s website.

  40. Why should I be interested in starting co-operation with Adfocus?

    Adfocus provides you with the opportunity to have your ads displayed almost anywhere in the world. It personalises ads, runs remarketing campaigns, but most of all it increases your return on investment.

  41. What services does Adfocus offer?

    Adfocus can help you buy ad space on the Internet, in various pricing models.

  42. Who works for Adfocus?

    Adfocus is a team of people with extensive experience in online marketing who are dedicated to meet the goals set by our customers.

  43. Who will optimise my campaign?

    Your campaign will be supervised and optimised by an experienced Adfocus team member, appointed for the task.

  44. Are there any extra charges?

    No, there are no extra charges.

  45. What ad formats are accepted in Adfocus?

    Adfocus accepts 11 visual ad formats. For details, go to How to get started.

  46. How does Adfocus collect personal data?

    Adfocus platform does not collect its users’ personal data.

  47. Does Adfocus process personal data?

    Adfocus platform does not process its users’ personal data.

  48. Does Adfocus collect data about children?

    No, Adfocus does not collect data about children.

  49. Does Adfocus collect personal data?

    Adfocus platform does not collect its users’ personal data.

  50. How about if I have more queries?

    Should you have more queries, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions providing they refer to the running operation of the platform.

  51. What is FBX and how is it different from a standard FB ad

    FBX, i.e. Facebook Exchange, is a service offered by Facebook. It enables to buy FB ad space in real time and serve ads to pre-defined users. You cannot target standard FB ads to a particular user, but only to pre-defined groups of users.

  52. Where do FBX served ads get displayed?

    The ads served by FBX are displayed on the right side column of the FB interface.

  53. What are the sizes of FB ads?

    The ads displayed on FB are 99x72 in size.



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