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  • Are you looking for an effective method of driving your sales?

    Have you ever noticed that only an estimated 2% of customers complete conversion during their first visit and the rest just browse your products? Have you ever wondered how to engage the other 98%?
  • Would you like to see your ads on leading websites?

    If you don’t want to risk overspending your budget, you might be interested in performance-based pricing models.
  • Have you heard that retargeting brings measurable sales uplift for e-commerce?

    Do you want to check whether or not your business could profit as well?

In case you have got some more queries or you don’t know how to get started, just fill in the form below.

Our consultant will contact you to introduce you to personalised retargeting and RTB and to show you how these tools can be effectively used to improve your business performance. You can learn about ad products, optimisation tools and co-operation models with Adfocus.

Once we have analysed your line of business and the ad brief, your custom-designed free co-operation offer will be immediately sent.

How to get started?

Step 1 Brief

We learn about your needs, analyse your business segment and your competition.

Step 2 Our offer

Based on the completed ad brief, we prepare a co-operation offer for you containing:

  • co-operation model
  • cost estimation (media plan).

You can choose from CPC, CPL and CPA pricing models, or their variants

Step 3 Before you get started

Once a decision about starting co-operation has been made, we:

  • tag your website
  • import data feed file with information about your products
  • prepare template of creations that would be dynamically served to your customers

Step 4 Campaign gets a go-ahead

Once the media plan was given a go-ahead and the formalities in step 3 have been successfully dealt with, we immediately start serving your personalised ad creations.

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Step 2
Step 3
Step 4



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