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Performance-based pricing models

We focus on driving your online sales. This is why we prefer performance-based pricing models, with measurable tools showing your sales uplift owing to Adfocus.    
Right from the start, at the valuation stage, we construct a custom-designed campaign plan that meets your needs and which is based on performance-based pricing models, including:   
CPC - Cost Per Click;    
CPL - Cost Per Lead - advertisers pay for finding a customer who has left his/her contact information (e.g. registered on a website, filled in an order form, etc.);    
CPS - Cost Per Sale - advertisers pay for customers who made an online purchase. Depending on a business model, it can be either a set amount or percentage of the revenue generated with the ad.    
As we hope for a long-term co-operation, our team always try their utmost to make your offer both realistically reliable and cost attractive.    

 While preparing for a co-operation with you, we would:  

  • personalise your offer with an individualised approach to your business segment
  • assess the competitiveness of the segment
  • analyse your ad brief
  • draw a personalised co-operation offer


   Contact our Account Manager to prepare a custom-designed co-operation offer for you.



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