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Performance targeting

Owing to performance targeting, you can precisely reach the right users, at the right time in the right way. Adfocus, a modern RTB platform, comes bundled with a set of advanced tools that accelerate the decision making process and maximise the profitability of online marketing campaigns. Adfocus offer includes the following targeting options to choose from:

Personalised retargeting

Personalised retargeting allows you to serve precisely relevant ads to a user who visited your website but failed to complete conversion. To uplift conversion, dedicated ad creations might contain photos of products that a particular user placed in his/her shopping cart before, or other details, such as bargain prices, positive opinions about products, etc.
Advertisers can choose from 9 strategies of product recommendation that will help them manage ad creation. This option is particularly recommended for e-commerce advertisers who deal with a wide range of products.


In Adfocus, advertisers can define locations where they want their ads to be served. Advertisers can choose from all the continents, countries and cities worldwide. This option is particularly recommended to advertisers who carry out marketing campaigns limited to some locations and who want to have their ads served to specifically defined regions.


Pretargeting enables a selection of partner (publisher) sites, aggregated in AdExchange units, or choosing particular websites to whom ads are going to be served.

Placement targeting

Choosing places for ad display is crucial for many advertisers. Adfocus enables you to define specific ad placements, on which to run your ads. There are two options to choose from: above the fold and below the fold ad placements.


Mobile targeting

Changing customer habits mean that ads follow mobile consumers who can buy using mobile devices. Adfocus system displays ads on mobile units using HTML5 technology (e.g. iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android) as well as on “non-flash” devices.

Contextual targeting

Adfocus can serve ad banners, based on website content, which allow to display ads relevant to the category and topic of a website a user is browsing.





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