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We are fully aware that effective online sales require a multi-aspect attitude to advertising. Standard approaches to retargeting can be limited in their conversion potential. Simply displaying the product last viewed to a consumer is insufficient to drive conversion at scale. Most attempts of recapturing a customer are successful if he/she is displayed a product intelligently relevant to the content they have browsed earlier. This is why we have developed automated recommendation strategies for your products. Now, you no longer have to deliberate on what products should be displayed to your customers.

Just choose one of below algorithms and the program will do it for you.

  • Conversion Probability Strategy

    This strategy reveals the products the consumer is most likely to purchase, given their personal browsing history. It is a perfect option for you when you don’t run any sales campaigns aimed at particular products or groups of products and you just want to achieve sales uplift.

  • Product Affinity Strategy

    This strategy recommends products which are relevant – but unfamiliar – to the consumer. It evaluates product characteristics and descriptions to find products relevant to the consumer’s browsing history. Ideal for long-tail retailers.

  • Best Seller Strategy

    This strategy recommends best-selling products. Useful in specific scenarios – for example, promotions.

  • Recently Viewed Strategy

    The algorithm focuses upon products most consistently, frequently or recently browsed by the consumer and displays them in an ad creative.

  • Promotional Strategy

    This strategy recommends products that you emphasise and those which are expiring soon. Ideal for those who run intensive promotional campaigns.

  • Yield Optimisation Strategy

    This strategy uses a merchant’s margin preferences to balance higher margin product selections against conversion probability. This results in higher margin product selections that convert. Generally applied in conjunction with other strategies to optimise average order value.

  • Walkaway Strategy

    Focused on identifying products placed in a cart/shopping basket and then subsequently abandoned when the user finally decided not to make a purchase. Typically combined with other strategies for effect.

  • Dynamic Classification Strategy

    This strategy enables products to be selected across a range of attributes which are relevant to the user’s personal history.

  • Random Selection Strategy

    This strategy is used primarily for A/B testing purposes where the effectiveness of another strategy is being compared against a generic, random product selection.

Each of these marketing strategies may be blended or combined for maximum effect.



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