About Us

About us

Adfocus platform combines the experience of two players: Netsprint, the leader of contextual - behavioral advertising, and Merchenta, a leading European company specialising in RTB technology. As a result, we bring you a top performance platform with a global reach which caters for the unique needs of Polish advertisers. The platform is used by customers in almost every continent: from Australia, through Asia (Far East) and Europe, to North America (the US).

NetsprintBased on its long experience of developing contextual and ad-serving technology, which requires processing vast amounts of data, Netsprint develops solutions which assist marketers in reaching clients at every stage of the Customer Journey. The company’s strategy is best expressed in its motto - “technology driven marketing” - while it focuses on 4 areas reflecting marketers’ needs. BRING - how to attract new users and customers, CONVERT - how to maximize conversion, MONETIZE - how to boost profits and UNDERSTAND - better understanding of the needs of users for improving marketing efforts.

An adequately chosen strategy of personalised retargeting helps to engage consumers who leave a website without a purchase. To maximise conversion with Adfocus, advertisers can choose from 9 strategies of product recommendation that can be used at will, depending on campaign aims. Every user is served ads relevant to his/her past history, to match their needs and interests. Apart from retargeting, Adfocus offers pre-targeting and geo-targeting. It can also target a particular AdExchange system or serve ads to selected websites.

Depending on campaign objectives, Adfocus offers several performance-based pricing models, including CPS (cost per sale) and CPC (cost per click) which improves the overall cost efficiency of marketing actions.

Apart from Adfocus, Netsprint also owns : Adkontekst - Poland’s largest contextual and behavioral targeting advertising network, ContentStream - content marketing network, and Netsprint Adserver, Netsprint Audience, Netsprint Search platforms.



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