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Personalised retargeting

Retargeting can rearrange, step by step, each successive stage of purchase process happening between a potential customer and an online shop owner. Owing to Adfocus platform, a shop owner can use his potential customers’ earlier visit history to deliver more relevantly served ads.

How does personalised retargeting work?

Let’s imagine a person who visits an online shoe shop but does not buy anything. 98% of average consumers leave a website without a purchase.

While a user is browsing products in a web store, he/she is tagged with Adfocus retargeting scripts, that were added to the store’s source code. Adfocus can use the information to create and serve real-time personalised ads, prepared to meet each customer’s expectations. For example, a dedicated ad creation might contain photos of products that a particular user placed in his/her shopping cart before, or other details, such as bargain prices, opinions about products, etc.

Personalised retargeting

Personalised retargeting in Adfocus:

  • maximises your chances of selling your products
  • increases the average order value of purchases made on your website

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